19 September 2012

Bangalore University Distance Education Exam Time Table 2012 UG

Bangalore University Distance Education Exam Time Table 2012 UG :1. Bangalore University Distance Education UG Time Table/DATE Sheet 2012 – Bangalore University DDE PG Timetable 2012 Released for October Exams.

2.Banglore University Distance Education UG time table 2012 and Banglore university DDE PG Timetable 2012 will be download at  Below links.

3.Bangalore University DIRECTORATE OF CORRESPONDENCE COURSES & DISTANCE EDUCATION October 2012 Examination Time Table

4.Bangalore University DDE I & II Year MA Economics time table - http://dccbub.in/TimeTables/I_II%20M.A%20ECONOMICS.pdf

5.I & II Year MA English - http://dccbub.in/TimeTables/I_II%20M.A%20ENGLISH.pdf

6.I & II Year MA French - http://dccbub.in/TimeTables/I_%20II%20M.A%20FRENCH.pdf

7.I & II Year MA Hindi - http://dccbub.in/TimeTables/I%20_II%20M.A%20HINDI.pdf

8.I & II Year MA History - http://dccbub.in/TimeTables/I_%20II%20M.A%20HISTORY.pdf

9.I & II Year MA Kannada - http://dccbub.in/TimeTables/I_II%20M.A%20KANNADA.pdf

10.I & II Year MA Philosophy - http://dccbub.in/TimeTables/I_II%20M.A%20PHILOSOPHY.pdf

11.I & II Year MA Political Science - http://dccbub.in/TimeTables/I_II%20M.A%20POLITICAL%20SCIENCE.pdf

12.I & II Year MA Sanskrit - http://dccbub.in/TimeTables/I_II%20M.A%20SANSKRIT.pdf

13.I & II Year MA Sociology - http://dccbub.in/TimeTables/I_%20II%20M.A%20SOCIOLOGY.pdf

14.I & II Year MA Telugu - http://dccbub.in/TimeTables/I_II%20M.A%20TELUGU.pdf

15.I & II Year MA Urdu - http://dccbub.in/TimeTables/I_%20II%20M.A%20URDU.pdf

16.Bangalore University DDE Exam Time table 2012 - I & II Year MSc Mathematics - http://dccbub.in/TimeTables/I_%20II%20M.SC%20MATHEMATICS.pdf

17.Bangalore University DDE Exam Time table 2012 I Year BA & I Year BCom - http://dccbub.in/TimeTables/I%20B.A%20_%20B.pdf

18.II & III Year BA - http://dccbub.in/TimeTables/II_%20III%20B.A.pdf

19.II & III Year BCom - http://dccbub.in/TimeTables/II_III%20BCOM.pdf

20.I Year BBM - http://dccbub.in/TimeTables/I%20BBM.pdf

21.II & III Year BBM - http://dccbub.in/TimeTables/II_III%20BBM.pdf

22.I Year MCom New Scheme - http://dccbub.in/TimeTables/I%20M.COM%20NEW%20SCHEME.pdf

23.I Year MCom Old Scheme - http://dccbub.in/TimeTables/I%20M.COM%20OLD%20SCHEME.pdf

24.II Year MCom New Scheme - http://dccbub.in/TimeTables/II%20M.COM%20NEW%20SCHEME.pdf

25.II Year MCom Old Sc - http://dccbub.in/TimeTables/II%20M.COM%20OLD%20SCHEME.pdf

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