3 September 2012

MBA, MCA Fee Structure in AP Fixed at 2012-2013

MBA, MCA Fee Structure in AP Fixed at 2012-2013 : 1.Andhra Pradesh (AP) High Court has fixed the MBA and MCA fee at Rs 42, 300 for the academic year 2012-13. The High Court has directed the Govt. of Andhra Pradesh and AFRC to fix the fee based on the fee scales being implemented by the colleges. The court has ordered that the colleges which have not submitted affidavits related to payment of salaries have to abide by the fee to be fixed by the AFRC and Govt. of Andhra Pradesh.

2.AP High Court has suggested Rs 42, 300 for the colleges which are implementing 1996 pay scales. Colleges those want to come under this fee structure have to submit affidavits by 5th September 2012. The MBA and MCA colleges have approached the court on the assumption that the AFRC and Govt. are trying to reduce to fee to Rs.27000.

3.Several MBA and MCA colleges have already submitted affidavits informing their preparedness for the implementation of Uniform and fee structure and payment of 1996 pay scales for the faculty. The court has allowed these colleges to collect Rs 42, 300 for A and B Category seats.

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