16 April 2013

News Earthquake In India - Delhi Today UP Rajasthan Punjab Haryana Tremors Felt

Earthquake In India - Delhi Today UP Rajasthan Punjab Haryana Tremors Felt : 1. Iran has been struck with a 7.8 magnitude earthquake, which sent tremors throughout the Persian Gulf states and India. At least 34 people have been killed in neighboring Pakistan, officials told AFP. Fifty others have been injured. Earthquake felt in tremors felt in north India. In northern India some cities like Delhi, Chandigarh, Jaipur and Ahmedabad. a lots of people felt the tremors in jaipur, delhi and punjab.

Earth Quake

2. Three women and two children were killed when their mud house collapsed in the Baluchistan district of Panjgur, Pakistan, Reuters reported -

3. At least eight people were killed and 20 wounded in the town of Mashkeel. Several hundred homes throughout the area collapsed, according to local health center official Mohammed Ashraf.

4. Initial reports stated that 40 people were killed in Iran, although a local governor says there have been no deaths.

5. US Geological survey confirmed that the epicenter of the quake was at Pakistan-Iran border and it was recorded 7.8 on Richter scale. The quake was also felt in few Indian, Gulf, Pakistani, Iranian cities. The quake was also felt in UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, KSA and in other Middle East countries and south Asia and India. Correspondent from Karachi said that the quake was felt at 3:45pm and it created panic among the offices workers. It was measured 7.9 on Richter scale in Karachi.

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