September 20, 2011

Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering 2012 - GATE

Gate, Higher Education Department, Ministry of Human Resource Development (- engineering (gate) in the Graduate Aptitude Test is conducted, and the Indian Institute of Science and Technology, seven Indian companies on behalf of the National Coordination Board, an all India test conducted jointly by MHRD), Government of India.

The committee consists of representatives from the gate to the management of institutions, only for test, control and authority in declaring the results.
Gate of the eight zones is administered by the Constitution. Zones and the relevant administrative agencies are:
2012 to 2012 the sum of the gate for the gate is responsible for coordinating and organizing institute as Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, with the.

MHRD and engineering colleges / institutes and some other government scholarships / assistantships with the entrance gate of the test to qualify for the postgraduate programs open to them. As well as the Engineering / Technology / Architecture or Science / Mathematics / Statistics / Computer Applications, Master's Degree in any branch Gate qualified candidates with Bachelor's Degree in related fields for doctoral programs in Engineering / Technology / Master 's degree programs in Architecture are eligible for entry to the MHRD and other government scholarships / assistantships with the science. Got  to scholarship, the candidate that the company's prevailing policy, the introduction of such a postgraduate program must be safe. However, in Engineering / Technology / Architecture with a Master degree examination of candidates for the gate, without appearing in scholarship / assistantship, which seeks to introduce, with respective doctoral programs.

Fellowships awarded by the various government agencies are also eligible to apply for gate is a minimum required number.

Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering 2012 - GATE
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