September 24, 2011

VITEEE Notification, Application, Important Dates, Key and Results Info 2012

VIT University (formerly known as the Vellore Institute of Technology) VITEEE 2012 notice and announced the date of its admission into the most prestigious B. Tech. Education programs in 2012-13. VIT University, Vellore and Chennai with campuses. VIT University is the country's most reputed private engineering institute. VIT University at 2-30 pm and until 5 Singapore, Dubai and Riyadh, 21 April 2012 throughout the country on the VIT Engineering Entrance Examination (VITEEE 2012) holds. interested candidates can apply online through the website at VIT University. Candidates can also obtain application forms through the post offices. VIT University, Vellore, will provide employment for its engineering students with the best record. The following are details about the technology. Special, VITEEE 2012 Key, along with plans for 2012-13 provided for the campuses of the VIT, etc.:

1) Campus Jobs: Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) / B. In Mechanical Engineering Tech. (Power Engineering) / Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering (EIE) / Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE) / Civil Engineering (CE) / computer science and engineering (cse) / Biomedical Engineering (BME) / Information Technology (IT) / bioinformatics / Mechanical Engineering (MEC) / Biotechnology (PD) / Mechanical Engineering (Automotive Engineering) / Mechanical Engineering. (Chemical Process Engineering).

Madras 2) courses: Computer Science and Engineering B. Tech. (Cse) / Civil Engineering (CE) / Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE) / Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) / Mechanical Engineering (MEC).

VITEEE 2012 Eligibility Requirements: Applicants in subjects Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics (MPC) or biological (PCB), a minimum score of 60 per cent intermediate / 10 +2 will be passed on. The candidates / 10 +2 B-Tech is a secondary consideration, in physics, chemistry, biology payinrana together. Bioinformatics, Biotechnology and Biomedical Engineering courses. Even those candidates who apply in their final year examination in 2012 takutiyayina. Price of application form is VITEEE 2012. 750.

VIT University VITEEE 2012 based on performance ', GV Education Development Plan (GVSDP) provides the number of scholarships to its meritorious students. Of course, the full amount of scholarships and cover all major expenses. Details of these scholarships are the following:
1) first (1) VITEEE 2012 100 rankers in the discount rate to 70 percent to education.
2) The protected 51 - VITEEE 2012 to 100 in 50 percent of the fee are eligible to receive the discount.
3) State Board Exam (one from each state) will topped 100 per cent discount rate.

Key Dates:

1. Start Grant application forms: December 2011 until February 2012.
2. Last date for receipt of completed forms at VIT: Feb 2012
3. VIT EEE 2012:, 2012 April 21
4. VITEEE - 2012 Results (Tentative): August 2012

Postal applications can be designated where the candidates, VITEEE 2012 stroke, and other enrollment information and online application process, you will not see a list for detals. Or you Dr. James E. Samuel Jebaseelan, admissions officer, VIT University, Vellore -632 014, Tamil Nadu, India can. Tel: + 91-416-220 2125 / 57 / 68. E-mail: Apply online Website:
VITEEE Notification, Application, Important Dates, Key and Results Info 2012
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