December 10, 2011

Distance Education Courses Dravidian University 2011-12

Distance Education Courses Dravidian University 2011-12:Distance learning and education (SDCL), Dravidian University, Kuppam  Chittoor district, Andhra Prades remained at the School of the general system and the Open University system in various UG, PG and diploma courses is offered. Education of the Open University system in the Dravidian University offer BA and B. Com (General). Unlike a regular BA, B.Sc. And B. Com, M.A, M.Sc. In postgraduate courses and M. Com is also offered. Into all courses across the country, candidates and any organization, private, central or state government to work in - the service is open to the candidates. After the completion of the course as long as the original candidates for the various activities, he must complete 3 years of their course. Admitted into PG Diploma courses in a year's course was completed within a maximum of 3 years. Registrations will be canceled and the candidates do not require the latest entries. For a variety of programs and registration details are below:

Eligibility requirements: The admission into various courses on the university Web site specified for each course will depend on the conditions of eligibility. Certificate into / Graduate General (intermediate) and / PG Diploma and PG - there is no entrance examination for admission under the General Education courses. All courses offered by the Dravidian University SDCE DEC, New Delhi has been approved.

Default of payment of tuition fees at the candidates are discontinued or Rs.230 /, as indicated on the payment by submitting the Re-introduction of a variety of programs that would like to be - Registration, Re-entry side. Candidates for the director, SDCE, along with the application form కుప్పం ldskjf to submit all required documents must be. The fee must be paid in the form of DD. Course material for all the post graduate and under graduate courses will be delivered in Telugu and English media. Registration of candidates to collect materials related to the study centers were studied.
UG Courses (Open System): Applicants should have 18 years of age. No academic qualification is required.

1) B.A / B.Com (General): Duration is 3 Years. Fee is Rs.1800
2) B.Com (Computers): 3 Years, Fee is Rs.4000
3) B.P.A.: 3 Years, Fee is Rs.3400
4) B.F.A: 4 Years, Fee is Rs.3400
5) BBM: 3 Years, Fee is Rs.4000
6) B.H.M: 3 Years, Fee is Rs. 11000/-

UG Courses (Direct Admission): Applicants should have passed in Intermediate or its equivalent.

1) B.A / B.Com (General)- 3 Years- Fee is Rs.1800
2) B.Com (Computers)- 3 Years - Fee is Rs.4000
3) B.C.A - Duration is 3 Years- Fee is Rs.7500
4) B.B.M.: 3 Years - Fee is Rs.4000
5) B.H.M.- Duration is 3 Years - Fee is Rs.11000
6) B.Sc. (Maths, Stats, Comp.) - 3 Years - Fee is Rs.5500
7) B.P.A. (Music, Dance, Theater Arts) - Duration is 3 Years

PG Courses (Open System): These courses are offered in Open University and Regular Modes. For open university admissions, candidates should have passed in Entrance Test of this university and must have completed 25 years of age. For regular system, candidates need graduation in any discipline. Subjects offered are M.A. (English/ Kannada/ Malayalam/ Public Administration/ Economics/ History/ Telugu /Tamil/ Political Science/ Sociology). Fee is Rs. 3000 for Open System and Rs. 2500 for Regular system. Duration is 2 years.

1) M.A. (Education): Duration is 2 Years, Fee is Rs.11750, Qualification: Any Bachelor degree.
2) M.A. (Social Work): Duration is 2 Years, Eligibility is any Bachelor Degree. Fee is Rs.6800.
3) M.Com.: Duration is 2 Years: Eligibility is any Bachelor Degree with commerce, Fee is Rs.2500
4) M.Sc. (Maths): Eligibility: Any Bachelor Degree with maths, Fee is Rs.2600
5) M.C.J: Duration is 2 Years: Eligibility is any Bachelor Degree. Fee is Rs.5000.
6) M.B.A.: Applicants should qualify in ICET. Fee is Rs.10750
7) M.C.A.: Duration is 3 years. Applicants should qualify in ICET. Fee is Rs.15750
8) M.Sc (IT): 2 Years. Qualification is any Bachelor Degree. Fee is Rs.10000.
9) PGDBA (PG Diploma In Business Administration): Duration is one year. Fee is Rs.8750
10) PGDCA (PG Diploma in Computer Applications). Fee is Rs.8750.
11) PG Diploma in Culture Tourism and Informatics
12) PG Diploma in Ancient Dravidian History and Archaeology.

The Dravidian university also offer M.Phil and Ph.D programmes. But the Government of AP has ordered not to offer research programmes in distance mode as there are number of allegations in admissions, selections and awarding degrees. More details can be obtained from Last date for the submission of applications for 2011-12 academic year is 29th February 2012. Application forms can be downloaded from the university website. Address: Dravidian University, Srinivasavanam, Kuppam - 517 425.
Distance Education Courses Dravidian University 2011-12
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