December 31, 2011

GAIL and HUL India receives the ICSI National Award 2011

GAIL and HUL India receives the ICSI National Award 2011 Hyderabad: Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL) and GAIL (India) Ltd on Friday received the "ICSI National Award for Excellence in Corporate Governance 2011" The essence of Taj. Status Hyderabad.

This is indeed won eleven consecutive meetings with the company in promoting the cause of good corporate governance.

Mr. Anil Murarka, Chairman of ICSI to the forum by saying that ICSI is one of the body, as a professional the first time in India to start a conversation about "governance" in terms of the Cadbury Committee's report is on. itself the task of promoting the good. Good corporate governance in India by a number of initiatives in this direction.

Hasham Azim Premji, Chairman, Wipro Limited, has offered a life time achievement award for translating excellence in corporate governance into a reality.

The top five companies have been certified recognition for excellence in corporate governance, they are CMC Limited, HCL Technologies Ltd., Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Ltd., Persistent Systems Ltd. and Union Bank of India.

Narasimhan Governor Hon'ble, Andhra Pradesh, who was the chief guest on the award-winning work on his speech by saying that economic growth is strong and consistent for over a decade and a half has been raised. expectations and aspirations within the country. Managing these expectations and to meet the growing aspirations will determine the performance indicators of future policy and regulatory regime.

M. Veerappa Moily Hon'ble Union Minister for Corporate Affairs in his address as a person of Honour, ICSI differs between congratulated for successfully continuing the war. I have seen imbibing good corporate governance is the DNA of the Indian corporate sector through professionalism. Members who are experts in corporate governance and play a leadership role in promoting corporate governance in India.

Shri NK Jain, Secretary & CEO, ICSI, in his notice that the summary of the policies and practices of supervision is explicit in the corporate sector of India. In the analysis of the 10 companies in the last three years shows a significant improvement in the performance of good governance is brought by Indian companies in areas such as steps placed. clear for the induction of independent directors to the Board's attention to the development and training. Corporate social responsibility initiatives have contributed to the investment and risk management.
GAIL and HUL India receives the ICSI National Award 2011
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