January 3, 2012

Fellowships PCB for Ph.D in Environmental Research

PCB Fellowships for Ph.D in Environmental Research Andhra Pradesh Pollution Control (PCB) has announced a scholarship program for the benefit of innovation is pursuing a doctorate in environmental research. State Pollution Control Board Circuit (PCB) will soon have a PhD. 50 scholarships for candidates from Andhra Pradesh. The fellowship will cover the monthly wage of Rs 2-50000 academic research. Applicants should follow up research on key environmental issues, pollution control, environmental research, the AP Fellowship is extended to scholars and researchers from seven universities in the state. These are the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT - Hyderabad), Jawaharlal Nehru Technical University (JNTU) University, Osmania University, Hyderabad, Andhra University, SV University and Nalsar duration of the scholarship period. five years.

The APPCB has also prepared a list of areas of specialization for which scholarship will be awarded. The major research topics should include following issues:
1) Impact of port activity on health in Visakhapatnam
2) Impact of vehicular air pollution on health in Hyderabad
3) Critically water polluted areas and livelihoods of fishermen
4) Impact of pollution on the livelihoods of people in industrial areas
5) Impact of thermal power projects on the livelihoods of people in Nellore
6) Mining in scheduled areas and its impact on local environment and livelihoods
7) Municipal solid waste dump sites and their impact.

The committee will encourage in-depth study and research on environmental issues. The main aim of these scholarships is to build a strong knowledge base for technical and scientific Andhra Pradesh, which will help solve environmental problems, the better. The amount of scholarship has been fixed at Rs 20,000 per month for the first year and second year. The fellowship amount will be increased to Rs 24,000 per month for the remaining three years of research. Apart from these projects, PCB is also proposed that research at Rs 1 per year, will be presented to the scholars for their actions at all.
Fellowships PCB for Ph.D in Environmental Research
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