January 5, 2012

University of Hyderabad in Urdu Courses

University of Hyderabad in Urdu Courses Department of Urdu, Central University of Hyderabad (HCU) offers MA, M. Phil and PhD program in Urdu. Focus on the department in teaching and research in Urdu in addition to focusing on special education in classical and modern literature and research, critical revision of the original Deccani Deccani department has. facilitated by computer technology for the use of academic research. Department of Urdu in the entrance examination for admission to all programs. The following is a description of Master of Arts, M. Phil and PhD students to investigate the structure and application process.

1) MA Urdu: Duration of this course is two years. The program is designed to provide basic knowledge of Urdu literature.
With the introduction of other disciplines in the humanities and social sciences related to Urdu literature. The main course in the theory and practice of translation, a method of audio-visual media and computer courses are compulsory and the Urdu software. The paper on the basics of Urdu journalism. The second part of the examination. Section deals with various types of multiple choice questions for 25 marks and any religious group taking part - B is an essay type questions. The 'B' of the admission to the Master of Arts.
The second question of writing an essay for 50 marks and 25 marks for other questions.

2) M. Phil in Urdu: AIM Mina of the program is to prepare doctoral candidates for a full-fledged research. A course in research methodology. Applicants must submit a thesis under the supervision of a guide - from the examination that consists of 25 objective type questions. The 'B' of the admission to M. Phil will consist of two essay type questions for 30 marks and short questions about Urdu literature for 20 markers.

3) Ph.D. in Urdu: This is a doctoral research project will have a ful course will familiarize candidates with research methods. Those who need to work on a topic that has been approved by the department. Important area of ​​research is an Inter - disciplinary and comparative literature. Applicants must submit a short proposal of their own, along with the application, Part B of the Education Testing entrance will consist of two questions of the essay for 30 marks and short questions about Urdu literature for 20 markers. who has the ability to test the throughput of the M. Phil and PhD are required to appear for an oral test for 25 markers.

University of Hyderabad Alert admission during the last week of March or first week of April of every year. The application can be downloaded from the website of the university. www.uohyd.info or www.uohyd.ernet.in. And earlier versions of documents, admission will be available at the university library located on campus. The work will begin in June-July every year. The University provides accommodation facilities for boys and girls separately.

University of Hyderabad in Urdu Courses
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