February 6, 2012

Government Schools Spoken English Classes

Government of Andhra Pradesh has decided to take classes in English and Communication for students at six of the 200 school form of Ranga Reddy district, the program will be conducted under the auspices of Rajiv Vidya. mission (RVM) English speakers will be designed and implemented by NGOs working in the area, with funding from the RVM, it is proposed that the English teacher of the school by continuing to. and standard English.

The course will continue for three months. The training will consist of 80 sessions which are aimed at equipping students with basics of communication skills. The course curriculum includes introducing oneself and others, greetings and pleasantries to be exchanged while speaking with others.

The Government has announced expressions of interest from NGOs and four NGOs have been chosen to implement the programme in Ranga Reddy district. The NGOs are Pratham Education Initiative, CfBT Education Services, SAP Academy, Tandur and Akshara Educational Society, Mahabubnagar.

The spoken English and Communicative English scheme is being taken up under the National Programme for Education of Girls at Elementary Level. Out of the total number of schools, 166 schools are chosen from 25 backward mandals of Ranga Reddy district. The schools should have presence of girl students to be included in the Scheme.

Government Schools Spoken English Classes
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