March 14, 2012

Rail Budget 2012 India in Hindi | India Railway Budget 2012 Highlights A Great Hike in Passenger Fares in Rail Budget 2012

Rail Budget 2012 India in Hindi | India Railway Budget 2012 Highlights A Great Hike in Passenger Fares in Rail Budget 2012 :
1.The Minister of Railways - Denesh Trivedi presented his first Railway budget train. He became Minister of Railways on July 12, 2012, he gave a short speech about the budget as of 2012, he emphasized on the safety and preservation to ensure profitable operations. He admitted that the Indian Railways has been a difficult process. He focused on strengthening the rail. He promised that his target is dead center by strengthening security. He received 5,741 requests from states to improve the condition of the train. He promises to make Indian Railways the best in the world with the fire service. He said funding is a problem for the Indian Railways and it is necessary to correct it is.

2.Highlights of Railway Budget 2012-13:

To set up independent railway safety authority, Rs. 5.60 lakh crore to modernize railway, Kakodar Committee to be followed by, Indian railway for safety, Indian Railway has 487 pending projects, Indian Railway needs 14 lakh crores in coming 10 years, Indian railway to invest 3.5 lakh crores during 12th plan, Anil Kakodar to head Rail Safety Committee, Rs. 60000 crore is the annual plan outlay during 2012-13, Need Indian Railway to grow 10% annually, 19000 km of track to be upgraded, Automatic signal warning system to be introduced to reduce accidents, Signaling system to be modernize, Newer Locomotive and Wagons to be introduced, To redevelop 100 stations, comparable to airports, 160 kmph to be standard speed for all trains, Coach Complex and Terminal in Navi Mumbai, 30% of plan outlay of modernizing signal system, Longest tunnel through Pir Punjal range at 11 km, 39110 crore to be modernize, Station maintenance on PPP basis, 114 new line surveys to be carried out, 825 km of gauge conversion to be completed,85 new line projects to be introduced, All unmanned crossing to be abolished in 5 years, Shyamnagar to set up rail factory, Vidisha to set up Diesel Engine Factory, Wheel factory of Chhapra to be started, Coach factory of Raibareli to be started, Rail Bandhu Magazine to be introduced in Satabdi, Rajdhani and Duronto, RPF in 3500 trains, NID to help in improvise design to help passengers, Specialized hyzine, house keeping body to set up,One coach in each train for differently-abled, High speed train corridors to be started, Global tender for catering services, 5 railway sports person to be qualified for Olympics, Rail Khel Ratna for Railway sportsman
Wellness program for railway staffs, More than 1 lakh recruitment in railway during 2012-13, Last year about 80000 employees were recruited in railway, Two bodies to be introduced – PPP Marketing and PPP Safety, 75 new express trains, 21 new passenger trains, 75 new local trains in Mumbai, 18 new local trains in Chennai, Number of passenger expected to grow up 5.4%, Passenger earning to go up by 28360 crore, 2300 crore shortfall in revenue during the year, 2 paisa/km hike in 2nd class fares, 5 paisa/km hike in sleeper – mail-express, 10 paisa/km hike in AC-3, 15 paisa/km hike in AC-2, 30 paisa/km hike in AC-1

3.Rail Budget 2012 focuses on passenger amenities basically. SMS will be valid for e-ticket. Railway ward named after Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay introduced in Railway Budget 2012.

4.There will a quantum jump in 12th plan. To set up railway safety authority was the main focus in Rail Budget 2012. Dinesh Trivedi talked about Level Crossing Committee too in Railway Budget 2012.

5.Highlights of Rail Budget 2012 focus on the main topic only. There are many other things to be understood about Rail Budget 2012-13.

6.Rail Budget 2012 highlights mainly focus on a great hike in passenger fares. It is really a big burden on common man. Passenger fares hiked after 10 years. Despite it, hike is very remarkable in the highlights of Rail Budget 2012.
Rail Budget 2012 India in Hindi | India Railway Budget 2012 Highlights A Great Hike in Passenger Fares in Rail Budget 2012
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