June 4, 2012

10th Class, SSC English Model Questions for Paper 1

10th Class, SSC English Model Questions for Paper 1 : II. Choose the correct meanings of the words on the left . (1/2 mark each):

1. Instinctively: consciously, secretly, without thinking , without fear
2. Apprehensive: suitable, anxious, tired, joyful
3. Intrepid: daring, tasteless, lukewarm, frightened
4. Non plussed: subtracted, surprised, nevertheless, pleased.
5. Wither: somewhere, become sapless, rough blow, to burn
6. Elated : joyful , raised, become empty, delayed
7. Prevalent: earlier, preventive, common, compete
8. Solace: painful, bright, consolation, complaint
9. Afford: be patient, like to, in front of, pay for
10. Miniature: shrink, look at, happiness, very small

III. Choose the alternative that best fits the blank (1/2 mark each):
1. The doctors ........... his legs to save his life. ( amputated, cut, mutilated)
2. The boy became ........... when his efforts went without recognition. (disfigured, disappeared, disappointed)
3. The ........... boy was ready with an excuse whenever he was asked for an explanation. (imaginary, imaginative, imagining)
4. If I ........... informed before, I would have been prepared. (was, had been, were)
5. She told me that she ........... not feeling well. (is, was, were)
6. He fell sick after eating some ........... food. (moulded, mould, mouldy)
7. It was ........... to see the people severely injured in the road accident. (heartening, heart-breaking, hearty)
8. The ........... man beat his wife and drove her out on the cold night. (heartburn, heartrending, heartless)
9. The beggar's ........... were dirty and badly torn. ( clothes, garments, dresses)
10. The actors in the play were wearing Mughal ........... (clothes, costumes, attires)

IV. Read sentence (a) Then complete sentence (b) using the ideas in(a). Keep sentence (b) as close in meaning as possible to sentence (a). (1 mark each)
1. (a) The players played badly as they were exhausted.
(b) If the players had not been exhausted, they wouldn't have played badly.

2. (a) He was late. So he missed the lecture.
(b) If he had not been late, he wouldn't have missed the lecture.

3. (a) I reached the station late. So I could not catch the train.
(b) If I had not reached the station late, I could have caught the train.

4. (a) He didn't have his breakfast as he was in a hurry.
(b) If he hadn't been in a hurry, he would have had his breakfast.

5. (a) We can go on a picnic. But it should not rain.
(b) If it doesn't rain, we can go on a picnic.

6. (a)Work hard and you will succeed.
(b) If you work hard, you will succeed.

7. (a) He should convince them. Then they will accept his proposal.
(b) Unless he convinces them, they will not accept his proposal.

8. (a) They will start playing only when the rain stops.
(b) Unless the rain stops, they will not start playing.

10th Class, SSC English Model Questions for Paper 1
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