July 19, 2012

HDFC Bank Education Loan Online Application Form,Interest Rate,Abroad

1.HDFC Bank Education Loan will be providing education study loan for India, Abroad for college student. so All the interest Candidates to follow the Interest rate, Criteria, EMI Calculator, Subsidy Procedure, Scheme to below will providing below.

2.HDFC Bank Education Loan official Website @ www.hdfcbank.com

3.HDFC Bank Education Loan Features & Benefits

(a) Loans upto Rs.10 Lakhs for Education in India and upto Rs.20 Lakhs for Education abroad#

(b) Attractive interest rates.

(c) Repayment to start 1 year after course completion / 6 months after obtaining employment (whichever is earlier)

(d) Loan available upto tenure of 7 years including moratorium period.

(f) Tax Benefits availaible under Section 80E of the IT Act *

(g) Hassle free loans and speedy approvals.

(h) Convenience of service at your doorstep.

(i) Loans available for other course related expenses also!

4.HDFC Bank Education Loan Eligibility:

(a) You need to be an Indian National.

(b) You should be aged between 16 - 35 yrs.

(c) Collateral is required for all loans greater than Rs. 7.5 Lakhs.

(d) All Loans require a co-applicant.

For More Details Please Visit: www.hdfcbank.com/personal/loans/educational_loan/educational_loans.htm
HDFC Bank Education Loan Online Application Form,Interest Rate,Abroad
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