October 31, 2012

Nilam Cyclone Update - Status News

Nilam Cyclone Update - Status News : 1.Cyclone Neelam update Chennai airport likely to be closed. Cyclone Neelam seems is trigerring panic among officials as wild tides are touching the shores and raising up to height of two metres.  On observing the intensity of the cyclone, the officials have issued number eight alert signal at Chennai port. In fact, the sources said that officials are even planning to close down Chennai airport temporarily. Accompanied by gusty winds, cyclone is moving swiftly towards the coastal part.

2.Cyclone Neelam even resulted in heavy rains in many parts of Tamil Nadu and in some parts of Andhra Pradesh, which are close to Chennai sea coast. In Mahabalipuram of Tamil Nadu, 12 centimetre rainfall has been recorded. The officials have said that the cyclone has turned stronger and it's most likely to turn into super cyclone. Initially, it travelled towards Nagapattinam and later it slightly changed its direction and is now heading towards Kadaluru coast.

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Nilam Cyclone Update - Status News
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