May 25, 2014

KBC 8 Questions and Answers with Options Today

KBC 8 Questions and Answers with Options Today, Jackpot Question : 1. KBC 8 Questions and Answers With Options - Hi everyone, do you KBC regularly ? You know the right answers to many of the questions asked on the show?

2. Do you want be one among those participants who share the stage with Big B Amitabh Bachan? Not an issue. We the well-wishers of you have come with certain quiz which tests your  knowledge. This quiz contains questions related to current affairs, politics, literature etc. So, give a try before you directly appear on the screen.
KBC 8 Questions and Answers with Options Today
3. This Quiz has 10 Questions without any time Limit. KBC is game of Luck With Knowledge. (Gyan hi Kaam aata hai). So, try your luck to Win the KBC Season 6 and we wish you all the best for your success.

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1. Which of these nursery rhyme characters is usually portrayed as an egg?

A. Jill B. Jack C. Humpty Dumpty D. Incy-Wincy Makda

Answer: Humpty Dumpty

2. By which of these nicknames is Nagpur also known as?
A. Diamond City B. Orange City C. Pink City D. City of Lakes
Answer: B. Orange City

3. To Which country does this singer belong?
(It was Shakira’s song)
A. USA B. South Africa C. Colombia D. Puerto Rico
Answer: Colombia

4. Which of these hindi idioms means ‘falling in love’
A. Aankh Pherna B. Aankh Tarerna C. Aankh Lagana D. Aankh Churan
Answer: C. Aankh Lagana

5. Which of these businessmen was a French citizen by birth?
A. Jamsetji Tata B. J R D Tata C. Jamsetjee Jejeebhoy D. Neville Wadia
Answer: J R D Tata

6. What was the name of India’s first unmanned lunar spacecraft launched in October 2008?
A. Chandravahaan 1  B. Chandrayaan 1 C. Chandravimaan 1 D. Chadrakhoj 1
Answer: B. Chandrayaan 1

7. The plant bearing which of these fruits is a vine?
A. Mango  B. Watermelon C. Apple D. Banana
Answer: Watermelon

8. Which lyricist won an Oscar for the song ‘Jai Ho’?
A. Gulzaar  B. Prasoon Joshi C. Piyush Pandey D. Javed Akhtar
Answer: Gulzaar

9. Which of these is worn in waist?
A. Bichhua B. Laung C. Nath D. Tagdi
Answer: Tagdi

10. What can you hear when a bell rings in a vac-cum?
A. Loud Sound B. Usual Sound C. No Sound D. Vibrating Sound
Answer: No Sound
KBC 8 Questions and Answers with Options Today
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