December 4, 2013

Preparation Tips for Written Exam - Entrance, Competitive, Recruitment

Preparation Tips for Written Exam - Entrance, Competitive, Recruitment : 1. Hello every one, Good news to all those aspirants who are appearing for entrance/ competitive exams or any job. Here in this site we have included all the necessary things required to do well in the written examinations. Make use of these tips and implement them in your exams to come up with flying colors.

2. Important things to be remembered
Get ready with your Preparation Material - Books in fact the preparation material are the key secret behind candidate’s success. So, always prefer to study latest and update study material. Aspirants must ensure that the book covers the latest and exam syllabus  and exam pattern. s

3. Be aware of the Exam pattern - Exam pattern is nothing but the number of sections, nature of exam (subjective, objective or both), number of questions in the exam, exam duration and provision of negative marking or not. Knowing the exam pattern before appearing for the exam reduces your tension and helps to fetch good marks. All the candidates are recommended to consider all these factors in mind during their preparation and also while writing the exam.

4. Prepare a Time- Table
Prepare a time-table by diving your time and allotting them to different subjects. Plan in a way that you spend more time on the areas where you are weak and less on others. A dedicated preparation time table will undeniably increase the possibility of success in any kind of exam. So prepare it and study accordingly to do well in the exams.

5. Revision and importance
Revision plays a key role in getting good marks. Revise all concepts, chapters, formulas and definition within ever two months before the preparation. This would definitely help you to get grip on the subject and score good marks.

6. Self - preparatory notes
Prepare notes on your own, this strengthens your fundamental skills and subject knowledge. Your confidence would definitely increase with this practice and you can score well in exams.

7. Expert guidance
 Take guidance from experts and ask for tips and tactics to solve the problems easily. Along with this practice mock test papers and solve previous papers to increase your fastness.

Preparation Tips for Written Exam | Entrance | Competitive | Recruitment
  • Read the instructions given in the examination paper carefully
  • Avoid estimating the question paper’s complexity. The same question paper comes for all the candidates. If it is easy for you, then rest would also feel the same and if it tough for you then it is difficult for others also. So, don’t overestimate or don't underestimate the exam paper.
  • Solve the questions which you know first and then go with others. Never spend too much time on single question, this may show bad impact on remaining ones also. If you are struck or confused in between any question, leave it and jump to other.
  • Have faith in yourself and believe in your preparation to crack the exam with less difficulty.

Preparation Tips for Written Exam - Entrance, Competitive, Recruitment
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