July 27, 2014

How To Score Highest Marks in Exams

How To Score Highest Marks in Exams : 1. Tension..!! Frustration !! these are the most common words heard among several students. Being  a student you need to face several challenges in your day-to-day life.  So, avoid stress and makeup your mind and make a plan to get a good score in exam. Be optimistic and avoid wasting time in worrying.

2. Make a notes of important points, summary and headings by writing it in your own language. Revise this notes before the exam. While writing the exam, divide your time based on the number of sections so that you can attempt all the questions. Prefer to answer short questions first as they increase your score. Since calculator is not allowed in the exam, improve your calculation speed to answer quickly.

3. During preparation, you must have patience and relax your brain for freshness.  Always start your preparation with peace of mind to remember things for a longer time.

4. When you have started your preparation, don't get distracted by unnecessary activities. Always be regular and punctual.

5. Time management  plays a vital role in student's success. Make a time table and prepare according to it. It is often recommended to study in the early morning.

6. You must be quick and accurate while attempting all kind of questions. 

7. Avoid panicking and attempt all the questions. Give more preference to short answer type questions as they increase your score and give you confidence to attempt the rest. Read the question paper carefully and divide time according to it. Make sure that you complete all the questions within the time. It is often advised to read the question paper 2-3 times to get clear idea of it.

8. Once you have done with the particular section, check it and correct your mistakes.

9. Hard work, concentration and dedication are the three factors that lead you towards success.  Hence follow the above mentioned tips and word hard to score well in the exams. Hope you will succeed in your exams with flying colors.

How To Score Highest Marks in Exams
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