August 5, 2014

Competitive Exams Recruitment and Selection Process

Competitive Exams Recruitment and Selection Process : 1. Any candidate who is appearing for competitive exams must know the selection process. It often recommended to know the rounds of interview, selection criteria and duration of exam to do well in the interview. Most of the organisations conduct exams to evaluate the performance of a candidate and to recruit qualitative and dedicated candidates for a particular post. Every organisation follows below given procedure to select perfect candidates.
  • Preliminary Interview/Application Screening.
  • Written Test.
  • Group Discussion
  • Employment interview
2. Preliminary Interviews (Screening interview)/Application Screening: This can be called as an elimination round. In this round, applicant's skills, studies and family background, strengths, hobbies and interests will be checked by the organisation. Candidates who haven't performed well in this round will be eliminated by industry or institution. This round is optional and not all the institutions conduct this round. In this round candidate's knowledge about a particular topic will be determined. Applications screening will be done at this stage and the candidates who have selected in this round will be promoted to next round, i.e, written test. 

3. Written Test: This is commonly conducted in every interview. It is also called as entrance exam for an academic. In this round questions will be asked based on Aptitude Test, English Grammar, General Awareness,  Reasoning, Computer knowledge, or any other subjects. Candidates must know the pattern and syllabus of the exam before appearing for the exam. This exam would mostly be of objective type and negative marking is optional. By doing lots of practice exercises, candidates can do well in this written tests.

4. Group Discussion: To gauge the candidate's behavioral skills, personality traits, skills, reasoning ability and attitude, etc this test is conducted. Speaking and listening skills of the candidate must be sound to crack this round. With good communication skills and understanding the stuff currently discussed in the group one can perform well in this round. 

5. Employment interview: This is also known as Face to face interview and is held between interviewer and candidate. This round tests candidate's ability and also finds whether the person is fit for the particular job/ not. These interviews consume money and time or both. This is in fact the final round conducted to find the strengths and weaknesses of a person.

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Competitive Exams Recruitment and Selection Process
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