August 7, 2014

Top 10 Job Searching Tips, Hunting Seeking Tips

Top 10 Job Searching Tips - Hunting Seeking Tips :  1. Are you a young graduate searching for jobs? We are here to help you to minimize your efforts by reducing your risk. Follow the below given tips to get a good job and settle in your life.

1) Internet – Easiest and convenient way to search your dream job is through internet. Forums, social networking sites, helps you to find right job. Here you can also meet numerous people that matches with your interest and N and are looking for same kind of job.

2) Job fairs will be conducted at different parts of the world. Carry your resume and attend job fairs. This helps you to identify the competition and your position.

3) Job sites - provides you numerous job opportunities with a single click. Subscribe to various job sites and get instant updates about various openings across the world. Most of the sites offer free services and some may even charge you some amount. Visit the site and get registered by entering necessary details such as name, email id, contact number and education qualification. These sites will get back to you by providing continous job updates.

4) Expert guidance : Talk to experts in the field to know the advantages and disadvantages of the job. So, before going to apply for a particular job, talk to its current employees. By talking to the current employees you can identify the requirements, scope and nature of work of a particular position you have applied.

5) Consult a good Career counselor to know about latest trends in market and their scope. By looking at your credentials and interests, they will suggest you good job from which you can make high income.

6) Social networking – Social networking sites as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter have become job platforms these days. Get connected with people of different designations and share your information. 

7) Get ready with an Impressive resume to get good job. Your resume reflects your complete personality and it must be informative as well. Always write correct and accurate information in your resume as most of the questions will be asked by looking into your resume only. So, before attending the interview, go through your resume carefully to know the expected questions.

8) Job preparation is divided in to three stages. First stage will be the preparation for the written exam where questions from reasoning ability, math’s and English subjects will be asked. The second stage of this process would be group discussion. Most of the organizations look for qualities like leadership, decision making and  confidence in a candidate. By this GD, the candidates skills will be revealed. Interview round will be the final one where a candidate has to attend face to face interview.

9) Employee referrals will be the best option to get selected in spite of heavy competition. Find out if you have any referrals from the same or other organisation who can refer you. Add their name in the referral column in your resume to get more preference. 

10) Be confident and face the interview with the same. Never humiliate yourself or take any violent decisions if you are not selected for the job. Prepare well and explore more and more opportunities to get a right job. Your hard work and commitment would definitely fetch you good job.

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Top 10 Job Searching Tips, Hunting Seeking Tips
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