October 11, 2013

How to Make Resume for Freshers Graduate Engineers Sample

How to Make Resume for Freshers Graduate Engineers Sample : 1. Every year a lot of students complete their graduation and start their struggle for searching jobs. The first & foremost thing that is necessary to attend or apply for a job is resume. So, freshers especially you need to concentrate on your resume and design it in such a way that impresses the interviewer. According to a proverb "Face is an index of mind", we can say that based on the person's face & expressions one can know his/her thoughts. In the same way your resume should depict your skills, knowledge, optimism and other positives in you. 
How to Make Resume for Freshers
2. To assist our young engineers in this aspect, we have have provided some points that need to be remember while preparing a proper resume.

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  • Objective-  This would be the first paragraph in your resume where you need to write an appropriate objective that is suitable for the particular job you have applied.
  • Educational Qualifications- Your educational qualifications need to be entered in a reverse order along with your percentages.
  • Achievements- Mention your achievements at school and college level that would act as an added advantage.
  • Modify Truth- A truth which can make your resume look weak but still important to mention should be modified enough to ensure no hurdles.
  • Design/layout- Follow a legible, simple and neat layout which displays your text in a clear manner
  • Customize - As different positions require different skills, customise your resume according to the job.

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How to Make Resume for Freshers Graduate Engineers Sample
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