October 24, 2013

How to Prepare for GD ( Group Discussion ) Interview

How to Prepare for GD ( Group Discussion ) Interview : 1. Group Discussion is a technique used for mass elimination for the selection of a candidate in an interview or an admission test. Most of the corporate organizations and institutions conduct this round to evaluate the performance of a candidate.
How to Prepare for GD
2. In GD, all the candidates are divided into small groups and each group will be given a specific topic (specific / general) for discussion.  Example: World war II or just a idiom saying "All the glitters are not gold".

3. Bear in mind to take a stand throughout the discussion. It is not compulsory that you finish off by a positive or a negative perspective, but you need to conclude it in a well manner. This gives you an edge over others. Time limit is set for the discussing the topic and the candidate need to express his/her views about the topic.  Judgment will be given by panelists once time is out.  Best candidates from each group are selected and same method is followed for other teams.


As we always stand in front to support you in aspects, we have provided you some tips to succeed in GD.

Stay Updated
Try to identify the latest happenings around you and gather more information about it. Be strong in subject knowledge which gives you grip on a particular topic. With deep subject knowledge, you can steer the conversation in your own direction. Collect data and memorize it for  better results.

Try to read as many as you can. This tactic helps you to learn extra things related to topic so that you use these points to get good score in GD. Reading magazines, current affairs, novels and other books would be beneficial.

Topics which act as tactics
Try to collect frequently asked topics in GD and prepare well. Terrorism, poverty, reservations in educational institutions,  Ayodhya conflict, liberalization and privatization, etc are some of the repeated topics. Ensure that you know very well about the topics and include some unique, insightful points along with dates, stating facts in your statements.

Rehearse well
Try to improve your communication skills, vocabulary and body language. Rehearse twice or thrice before the actual group discussion in front of a mirror or normally to do well in the final one.

Listen carefully
Be alert and vigilant while the topic is announced. Beware of baffling topics.  Sketch your views on a piece of paper and start our discussion by saying The first thing that you should do after hearing the topic is by structuring it on the sheet that is given to you to make notes.  Now never deviate from the actual topic.

Hope these six tips would definitely help you need to succeed in our Group Discussion.

All the best!!!!!

How to Prepare for GD ( Group Discussion ) Interview
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