November 20, 2013

APPSC Assistant Engineers Syllabus, Model Previous Question Papers Download

APPSC Assistant Engineers Syllabus, Model Previous Question Papers Download : 1. Andhra Pradesh Public Service Commission conducts Assistant Engineers exam every year. This exam is held for the recruitment of various Engineers in Andhra Pradesh State Government Departments. All the candidates who are eligible and interested to work in Andhra Pradesh Govt. can apply for APPSC Assistant engineer Exam.
APPSC Assistant Engineers Syllabus
2. APPSC Exam Pattern:
Part-A Written (Objective Type) Examination
Paper I
General Studies
150 Marks
150 Questions
Paper II
Subject:- (Common)
150 Marks
150 Questions
Part B
Oral Test (Interview)
30 Marks

3. APPSC Assistant Engineers Syllabus -

PAPER-I General Studies:

General Science
Current Events of National and International Importance
History of India and Indian National Movement, India and World Geography
Indian Polity and Economy
General Mental Ability

PAPER-II (Common for All Branches)

Centre of gravity and moment of inertia
Simple Stresses and strains
Theory of simple bending
Columns and struts
Simple plane and pin-jointed trusses

Fluid pressure and its measurement
Flow of fluids
Flow through orifices and Mouth Pieces
Notches and Weirs
Flow through pipes
Impact of jets
Centrifugal pump

4. APPSC Assistant Engineering model previous question paper

1. In a transistor when base-width decreases with increasing collector to base voltage, this phenomenon is called
A) Early Effect
B) Thermal Runaway
C) Tunneling
D) Pinch-off

2. An amplifier has a voltage gain of 100. To reduce distortion, 10% negative feedback is employed. The gain of the amplifier with feedback is
A) 1.01
B) 9.09
C) 90.9
D) 101

3. The internal impedance of an ideal current source is
 A) Zero
 B) Low
 C) High
 D) Infinity

4. The condition for reciprocity of a two port network is
A) AD - BC = 1
B) AD - BC = 0
C) A = D
D) B = C

5. The polar radiation pattern of a loop aerial is
A) Circle
B) Ellipse
C) Cardiod
D) Figure of Eight (8)

6. For the purpose of comparison, the steam generating capacity of a boiler is generally expressed in terms of
A) Equivalent evaporation
B) Kg/hr
C) Steam pressure
D) Thermal efficiency

7. One of the following methods is adopted for governing of steam turbines in a power plant
A) Hit and miss governing
B) Blow off in boiler
C) Throttle governing
D) Speed control

8. An aircraft gas turbine operates on
A) Sterling cycle
B) Bryton cycle
C) Rankine cycle
D) Otto cycle

9. The output of a gas turbine is 300 KW and its efficiency is 20 percent, the heat supplied is
A) 150 KW
B) 6000 KW
C) 600 KW
D) 15 KW

10. Which of the following is not used as a refrigerant?
A) Carbon monoxide
B) Amonia
C) Sulphur dioxide
D) Carbon dioxide

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APPSC Assistant Engineers Syllabus, Model Previous Question Papers Download
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