November 14, 2013

ISEET Syllabus 2014 for Main and Advanced, Sample Questions Papers, Study Material

ISEET Syllabus 2014 For Main and Advance, Sample Questions Papers, Study Material Free Download : 1. The ISEET (Indian Science Engineering Eligibility Test) will be held in March or April in year 2014. The ISEET paper comprises of two separate parts : Main and Advanced. Candidates must appear for both the exams on the same day.

ISEET Syllabus 2014
2. ISEET Syllabus 2014
The ISEET (Indian Science Engineering Eligibility Test) comprises of two phases : Main and Advance, both of them have separate syllabus.The Advanced exam tests students knowledge on concepts of Science subjects while the Main exam is held to test candidate's aptitude and reasoning ability.The question paper is purely objective type test only.

3. ISEET Main Syllabus 2014:
 Reading Comprehension- Tests the reading and english knowledge skills.
 Logical Reasoning – Tests the reasoning and mental power.
 Critical Reasoning – Tests the thinking skills.

4. ISEET Advance Exam Syllabus 2014:
Physics – Covers 11th and 12th class topics such as Motion, Force etc.
Chemistry – Covers Organic and Inorganic chemistry.
Mathematics – Covers 11th and 12th syllabus including Integration, probability,  differentiation etc.

5. ISEET Sample Study Material and Question Papers:
ISEET commence in the year 2014. No official declaration about the syllabus and it is said that paper will be set by IITs.  Candidates can start their preparation for test by solving sample papers and previous model papers of JEE. This gives the idea about the exam pattern and type of questions that are going to be asked in it.

6. Sample questions you can expect in this exam

Q: The term that corrects for the attractive forces present in a real gas in the vander Waals equation is

a) nb
b) an2/V2
c) -an2/V2
d) –nb

Ans: b

Q: The number of moles of BaCO3 which contains 1.5 moles of oxygen atoms is

a) 0.5
b) 1    
c) 3    
d) 6.02 × 1023

Ans: a

Q: A projectile is thrown with velocity U = 20m/s ± 5% at an angle 60°. If the   projectile falls back on the ground at the same level then which of the following cannot be a possible answer for range.  Consider g = 10m/s

a) 39.0 m
b) 37.5 m  
c) 34.6 m   
d) 32.0 m

Ans: b

Q: When a basketball bounces against the ground and gets deformed and then recovers its shape, the air inside that ball is temporarily compressed. The compression ends when the ball recovers during the rebound. The temperature of air inside the ball

a) Remains constant throughout the bounce, because thermal energy is conserved.
b) Decreases during the deformation process and increases during the recovery processes.
c) Increases during the deformation process and decreases during the recovery process.
d) Increases during both the deformation and recovery processes.

Ans: c

Q: If two squares are chosen at random on a chess board, the probability that they have a side in common is

a) 1/9    
b) 4/9
c) 3/7  
d) 1/18

Ans: d

Q: ABCD is a square side of side length 1 unit. P and Q lie on the side AB and R lies on the side CD. The possible values for the cir cum radius of triangle PQR is

a) 0.5  
b) 0.6    
c) 0.7
d) 0.8

Ans: b

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ISEET Syllabus 2014 for Main and Advanced, Sample Questions Papers, Study Material
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