November 5, 2013

Narendra Modi - Positive Points and Successful Political Career

Narendra Modi - Positive Points and Successful Political Career : 1. In present days, politicians walk through the corruption path way. Most of the politicians are highlighting in one or the other scams and crimes. This kind of actions are completely destroying the positive belief in politics.
Narendra Modi2. But one person has completely changed this false notion on politics and politicians by serving his people and region to a great extent. He is Mr. Narendar Modi, Chief Minister of Gujarat. This popular BJP leader is regarded as ideal Chief Minister in India and has got many followers from all over the world.

3. Here you can find few examples of his developments from which he can be regarded as successful person

4. Modi has elected as Gujarat's Chief Minister for past 3 elections and had developed the region a lot. He is regarded as the least corrupted politicians in present world.

5. Being a responsible CM, he has done huge developments in his state. Gujarat is the only state to have 24 hours of continuous power supply and more than 18000 villages are provided the power supply. Popular automobile companies like Tata Motors and Ford have started setting up the plants in Gujarat as the set up cost is less in Gujarat when compared to other states.

6. By increasing per capita income, Gujarat is one among 15 most efficient states of India. Under his leadership, there are no tribal gangs in Gujarat. From this we can understand that they are strict actions on disturbing elements. He can be described as a person with some future plans  and also have a practical example set in Gujarat.

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Narendra Modi - Positive Points and Successful Political Career
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