December 20, 2013

NICL AO GK Questions – General Awareness Questions with Solutions 2013

NICL AO GK Questions – General Awareness Questions with Solutions 2013 : 1. NICL AO re-exam was held on 15th December and 22nd December 2013. The General Awareness (GK) questions are asked in NICL Administrative Officer (AO) Re-examination 2013. All the candidates who have applied for  NICL AO GK exam must go through the NICL AO General Awareness Questions with Solutions to evaluate their performance and calculate their marks.

NICL AO GK Questions 2013
2. NICL AO GK Questions with Answers -  15th December 2013
According to a recent search , which is 3rd largest market for TWITTER ? Indonesia
Byte is the unit of ? 
Despotism is possible where ? 
Single party ruled states
Diu is an island of ? 
Doctrine of lapse is related to ? 
Govt. Of world banned DDT, why ?
HR Award 2012?
I.C is used in which generation of computer ? 
4th Generation
In union budget 2013-14, duty on cigarette increase ? 
In which legislative assembly in February, 30 women’s take oath first time ?
In which month, 80% of sugarcane is growing ?
In whose periodic, painting is on the height ? 
India 2020 is written by ? 
APJ Abdul Kalam
Kasab to be hanged operation name ? 
Operation X
Led pencil is having component of ? 
Loksabha speaker gives his/her resignation to? Deputy Speaker of Lok Sabha
Neapolitan of India? 
Raúl Castro? 
Cuba president
Varaha Mihira wrote a book "Brihat Samhita", it is related with? 
Velikonda hills ? 
Andhra Pradesh
When CD Rom is invented? 
James Russell invented the compact disc in 1965.
Which animal in Logo of WWF? 
Giant Panda
Which component of carbon having 3 dimensional structures?
Which is primary component of natural gas? 
Which Sikh guru called saccha padshah? 
Guru Hargobind
Who invented jet engine? 
Hans von Ohain and Sir Frank Whittle
Who is the chairman of Lalit kala Akademi? 
Kalyan Kumar Chakravarty

NICL AO 2013 exam answer key solution
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NICL AO GK Questions – General Awareness Questions with Solutions 2013
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