March 21, 2015

Top 10 PHD Universities in India 2015 - List 10, 20, 50, 25 Best Reputed Colleges for Phd

Top 10 PHD Universities in India 2015 - List 10, 20, 50, 25 Best Reputed Colleges for Phd : 1. Are you planning to get in to Doctoral Programme? Searching for Top 10 PHD Universities are in India 2015? Look below to more information.
Top 10 PHD Universities in India 2015

2. We have mentioned some universities that offer an ideal environment to the candidates for their researches and this concept helps the universities to reach top position.

3. Indian citizens who wish to get admission to a PhD program must definitely complete their Master Degree at least. Even if M.Phil degree holders are considered for a Doctoral Programme and it is compulsory to hold an M.Phil degree to begin some PhD subjects.

4. Universities and Government Institutions laid down the norm for appointment of faculty to the applicant of faculty post. Candidate should be recognized as Research Supervisors for  M.Phil and PhD Programs. Universities conduct an entrance exam on individual level for the admission to below given programs.

5. List of Top 10 PHD Universities in India 2014

Ranking                       Universities                            Location
1            Indian Institute of Technology Bombay     Mumbai
2            Indian Institute of Technology Madras      Chennai
3            Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur  Kharagpur
4            University of Delhi                                 Delhi
5            Indian Institute of Technology Delhi         New Delhi
6            Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur      Kanpur
7            Anna University                                     Chennai
8            Manipal University                                 Manipal 
9            National Institute of Technology Calicut   Calicut
10          Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee     Roorkee

6. After the completion of course work and research methodology of  Doctoral Program and if he/she satisfies with his/her research, the scholar starts research work and produce a draft Thesis within desired time mentioned by the concern University.

7. At least two experts, one from out of state evaluates the final thesis produced and sent to the University by the PhD candidate. University might recruit an examiner from outside the country.

8. Top most PhD colleges

Sr. No.                           Universities                           Location
1               IIPM - INDIA's GLOBAL B-SCHOOL                Chennai
2.Dr. M.G.R. Educational and Research Institute University
3            Global Center For Clinical Research                  Hyderabad
4            IIPM - INDIA's GLOBAL B-SCHOOL                     Mumbai
5            IIPM - INDIA's GLOBAL B-SCHOOL                   Hyderabad
6     Manipal Centre for Philosophy and Humanities          Bangalore
7     School of Law Christ University (SLCU)
8       Christ University Faculty of Engineering
9              Presidency College                                      Tamil Nadu
10               Loyola College
11     National Centre for Biological Science                   Karnataka
12   Birla Visvakarma Mahavidyalaya Engineering College  Gujarat

9. The Doctoral Student must attend viva voice exam  once they get satisfactory evaluation report and the University issues a Provisional Certificate that certifies that Doctoral Degree is awarded to the candidate in accordance with provisions of regulations of UGC.

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