December 7, 2011

Departments and Centers University of Hyderabad 2011-12

Departments and Centers University of Hyderabad 2011-12:
University of Hyderabad, India University is highly reputed in several areas of study under the purview of the schools, centers and departments. HCU most popular university, research activities, rather than the PG and PG Advance Diploma courses in the strictest of the various offerings from the perspective of the modern. University of Hyderabad as a Central University was established on 2nd October 1974 and was fully funded by the University Grants Commission. This is a five star status by NAAC with the elite of the Center is recognized as an accredited University of Hyderabad on the fast growth of these days.

Hyderabad Central University, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh for a distance of 20 kilometers from the main city. University of the surrounding area into the city outskirts, but the spread of a growing population and the population has become the day of the C crowdy. All university departments and centers, interdisciplinary studies and research focus. The University is located in the Old Bombay Highway, and 2000 acres of greenery spread out. At the end of the Hyderabad Central University, also a resident of the Golden Threshold Sarojini Naidu, the campus is located in the city. The following study, the Study of the Centers of the University departments and schools are the details:
Schools of Study in University of Hyderabad

1) School of Mathematics and Computer and Information Sciences
2) School of Life Sciences
3) Sarojini Naidu School of Arts and Communication
4) School of Humanities
5) School of Management Studies
6) School of Social Sciences
7) School of Physics
8) School of Chemistry
9) School of Medical Sciences
10) School of Engineering Sciences and Technology

The Schools of Chemistry, Management Studies, Physics, and Engineering Sciences and Technology are single discipline schools. They offer only one discipline or subject or course in the concerned school. All other schools are multi-department schools and offer different subjects and courses. Following are details of Departments or Centers of Study in University of Hyderabad:

1) The School of Mathematics and Computer or Information Sciences:

a) Department of Mathematics and Statistics
b) Department of Computer and Information Sciences

2) The School of Life Sciences:

a) Department of Biochemistry
b) Department of Plant Sciences
c) Department of Animal Sciences
d) Department of Biotechnology
e) UoH DBT Center for Research and Education in Biology and Biotechnology (CREBB)

3) The School of Humanities:

a) Department of English
b) Department of Telugu
c) Center for the Study of Foreign Languages
d) Department of Philosophy
e) Center for Comparative Literature
f) Department of Hindi
g) Center for Applied Linguistics & Translation Studies
h) Department of Urdu
i) Department of Sanskrit Studies
j) Center for English Language Studies

4) The School of Social Sciences:

a) Department of Political Science
b) Department of Anthropology
c) Department of Sociology
d) Department of Economics
e) Department of History
f) Center for Regional Studies
g) Center for the Study of Indian Diaspora
h) Center for Folk Culture Studies
i) Center for Human Rights
j) Center for Knowledge, Culture & Innovation Studies
k) Center for Social Exclusion and Inclusive Policy
l) Center for Gandhian Economic Thought

5) The S.N. School of Arts and Communication:

a) Department of Communication
b) Department of Theatre Arts
c) Department of Dance
d) Department of Fine Arts

6) The School of Medical Sciences has the following Center: Center for Physical Fitness and Sports Sciences

7) Other Centers offering Academic Programmes:

a) Center for Integrated Studies (CIS)
b) Advanced Center of Research in High Energy Materials (ACRHEM)
c) University Center for Earth and Space Sciences (UCESS)
d) Center for Neural and Cognitive Sciences
e) Center for Health Psychology
f) Center for Buddhist Studies
g) Center for Women’s Studies
h) Center for Modelling Simulation and Design (CMSD)

All the above schools, centers and departments of the University are located in the main campus at Gachibowli, Hyderabad. Financial support is being offered by UGC for various centers under Special Assistance Programme. The University has produced good number of Ph.D. as the emphasis is on research programmes. It is estimated that out of total number of students, about 30 percent will be research scholars. 32 percent of students are women candidates. The unique feature of the university is that it has more professors than associate professors and assistant professors.
Departments and Centers University of Hyderabad 2011-12
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