December 24, 2011

Statistics and Mathematics Courses University of Hyderabad

Statistics and Mathematics Courses University of Hyderabad Hyderabad, offer post graduate (M.Sc.), and research programs in mathematics and statistics departments (M. Phil and PhD) University. Mathematics and Statistics Department of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of the modern areas of research and teaching focuses on training students.There will be special attention to foundational topics in both the subjects. The research facilities are offered in the areas of Algebra, Analysis (Complex Analysis, Functional Analysis, Global Analysis), Topology, Algebraic Number Theory, Algebraic Geometry, Dynamical Systems, Statistical Inference, Fluid Mechanics, Regression Diagnostics, Order Statistics, Outliers, Reliability and Operations Research.

Programmes Offered: The Department of Mathematics and Statistics at University of Hyderabad offers M.Sc. and Ph.D. Programmes. M.Sc. Programme is offered in Mathematics, Applied Mathematics and Statistics- Operations Research. Duration of each programme is four semesters. All streams will be separate core courses and electives.

The Hyderabad Central University also offer Ph.D. programmes in Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Statistics and Operations Research. Admission to the Ph.D. is open to both M.Phil. and M.Sc. candidates. Candidates those admitted in this course have to pass a few courses and also need to face a comprehensive viva at the end of the 1st year. Those candidates who qualify in the viva will be continued in the programme.

Entrance Examination: University of Hyderabad (HCU) conducts entrance examination for admission to M.Sc. Maths and Stats courses. The entrance test is aimed at assessing the candidate’s understanding of the basic concepts in the subjects. There will be a written test and interview for admission to M.Sc. (Maths, Applied Maths and Statistics-OR). The written examination consists of objective type
multiple choice questions only. Most of the questions will be asked from the topics of Sets, series, limits, sequences, differentiation, integration,continuity, coordinate geometry of two and three dimensions, graphs of functions, vector spaces, matrices, group theory, linear transformations, determinants, eigen values, system of linear equations, rank, nullity, elementary probability and logical reasoning.

For M.Sc. Statistics – OR entrance exam, most of the questions will be from Series, Limits, Sets, Sequences, Differentiation, Integration, Continuity, Vector Spaces, Matrices, Graphs of Functions, Determinants, Linear Transformations, Elementary Probability - Events, Conditional Events, Independent Events, Chebyshev’s Inequality and Bayes’ Theorem, Random Variables and their Distributions – Binomial, Geometric, Poisson, Uniform, Normal, Negative Binomial, Gamma, Exponential, Beta. In the Inference topic, questions will be asked from Test for Mean and Variance of the normal distribution, Contingency Tables, Methods of Moments and ML Estimation and Simple Linear Regression; Linear Programming Problem- Graphical Solution.

Ph.D. Admissions: There will be no entrance test for Ph.D. programme. The short listing of the candidates for Ph.D. in Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Statistics and OR will be based on the UGC - CSIR Fellowship and NBHM Fellowship. There will be an interview for short listed candidates. The Maths and Stats department has excellent labs for both the disciplines and highly qualified faculty are available in the faculty list. More details of the department and programmes can be obtained from
Statistics and Mathematics Courses University of Hyderabad
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