May 29, 2014

GK Preparation Tips 2014

GK Preparation Tips 2014 : 1. Done with your formal studies? Planning to get a job or for higher studies? Need help regarding the things that are generally asked in the exams?

2. General Knowledge is the crucial section in any kind of examinations that can be entrance exam, competitive exam or job recruitment exam.
GK Preparation Tips 2014
3. NDA, GATE, CAT, Bank, Govt exams etc have made GK as a mandatory session in their exams. The main aim behind conducting such kind of tests is to check candidate's ability to learn different new things and to test the extent of general awareness of the person.

4. If you are preparing for any such kind of tests, make sure that you learn about Economical, Geographical, Social, Culture and other current affairs. This kind of preparation helps you to know about the things that are happening at national or international level.

5. Major Sources of GK are :
  • · Competitive Success
  • · India Times
  • · India Today
  • · Pratiyogita Darpan
  • · Current Affairs
Useful tips that can help you to crack GK exam easily are :

News paper
News papers are best sources of current affairs. Various newspapers are available in the market which are categorized into different editions such as Politics, Education, Jobs, Sports, etc. Have a look at them while sipping coffee or during your free time. This would definitely increase your general knowledge and help you to learn many things.

It is the most advanced means of learning in today's world. Social networking sites, blogs, forums, websites etc., are places where get connected to people different categories and share information. Join in various groups related to distinct fields, this activity sends to continuous updates about that particular topic.

Books and Magazines
Reading Books and magazines is an evergreen way to learn new things, visit various libraries or read different books to learn new things. Several GK books and current affairs books are available in the market. Make use of them to achieve your goal.

This is in fact the most addictive way of learning things. Due to technological advancement many new channels have come into the picture. The main aim of all these channels is to advertise fresh and updated news to people all over the world. Watch TV to sharpen your GK.

This activity of studying new things about various fields may make you feel bored sometimes. Take notes, save recordings and watch videos and view them in your free time to enjoy while preparing.

Hope all these tips would definitely help you to succeed well in the exam and achieve your goal. All the best for your future.

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GK Preparation Tips 2014
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