May 9, 2014

Reasoning Preparation Tips - Logical

Reasoning Preparation Tips - Logical :  1. In any kind of exams,  that can be a Competitive Exam, entrance exam or recruitment exam, reasoning has become the compulsory section.  Almost all organizations of these days are gauging candidate’s aptitude skills and reasoning abilities with the help of these sections. Most of the candidates feel difficult to perform well in these areas.

2.    Though the candidates practice a lot for the exam, at some point of time they get a pause to solve certain questions. If you are one among those students who feel this section as complex one, this article is especially for you. Here you can find tips, list of topics and short cut tricks to score good percentage in the examination. This is designed keeping in view of non-numeric students who can perform well in such kind of arenas.

3.     Be confident and belief in yourself when you are appearing for the exam. Work hard, sharpen your skills and try to solve more and more sample papers, previous papers to taste success. Continuous practice makes you to identify your weakness and areas of your complexity. Check your speed using a stop clock or watch and start solving the papers to increase your speed.

4.    List of topics which a candidate must view before appearing for the exam:

Reasoning Preparation Tips | Logical Reasoning Preparation Tips
  • Series
  • Classification
  • Mirror-Images
  • Spotting Out the Embedded Figures
  • Figure Matrix
  • Rule Detection
  • Dot Situation
  • Figure Formation and Analysis
  • Analogy
  • Analytical Reasoning
  • Water-Images
  • Completion Of Incomplete Pattern
  • Paper Folding
  • Cubes and Dice
  • Grouping of Identical Figures
  • Paper Cutting
  • Construction of Squares and Triangles
All these are most commonly asked topics in almost all written objective type exams. If you want to get seat in reputed organization, then you must work hard on the above mentioned topics.

5.    Simple tricks that fetches you ample results
Use keys to remember big formula
Prepare a schedule and study according to it
Take rest
Don’t get tensed
Stay healthy by eating good food
Keep your body and mind fresh by doing some physical activities
Manage time
Keep self confidence
Follow all these tips regularly to get good score in the competitive examinations.
Reasoning Preparation Tips - Logical
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