May 9, 2014

Student Success Strategy Tips Stories Quotes

Student Success Strategy Tips Stories Quotes : 1. Student success strategies - with a preparation approach you can increase your score, manage your time and energy in a appropriate way and achieve your goal with less risk. With a fine educational strategy you can learn things very quickly and you can use this time to perform some other activities. Here you will find a few effective learning strategies and tips to gain more in less time.

2. Goal setting 

Set realistic and achievable goals on your own. An unwritten goal is only a wish, so, pen down your views on the things that you want to achieve, in what time you want to attain and how much you want to accomplish. Goal encourages you, directs you and boosts your focus towards your work. For instance you can set your goal monthly or weekly in the subsequent manner.

3. Sample goal setting (for one day)
Practice questions on chapter 3
Morning 5 – 6
Making notes chapter 2
Afternoon 2-3
Learning chapter 5 notes
Evening 3-4
Theory revision chapter 4
Evening 5-6
Practice question and examples
Evening 6-7 
Creating notes
Night  9-10

This is a sample designed to manage three subjects in one day. You can alter the table according to the time availability and number of subjects to be prepared. Be practical and follow the goal setting time table without fail to achieve more in less time.

4. Time management

Time management plays a vital role in the success of any student; most of the student have good resources and talent but fail to manage their time in their study hours. Organize your day by seeing how much time you can spend on your studies and divide your time for different subjects. Allot more time for difficult subjects and fewer for the easy ones. Hold off your mobile phone, TV sets and other entertainment things while studying. Do some physical activities during the short breaks to maintain your efficiency and competence.

5. Be regular to school

Be punctual and go to school regularly in order to be successful and get good marks in your exams. Private tuitions can only lend a hand you to understand the subject well, but school is where you learn different activities along with studies. Hence, go to school regularly for your overall personality development.

6. Exam preparation tips
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1) Give preference to important topics and study them firsts
2) You must revise the topics which you have read before
3) Follow syllabus book not the textbook and study according to syllabus
4) Practice few previous year exam papers to understand the exam pattern
5) Never hesitate to ask doubts to your friends/ teacher
6) Discuss with your friends and teachers about the topics which you fell difficult. This makes the concepts very clear and you can remember it for long time. 
7) Prefer to read in the mornings as late night studies might affect your nervous system.
8) Follow a nourishing healthy diet plan during your exam preparation; this makes you energetic and active during your study time.
9) Avoid cramming and always try to understand the subject matter
10) Always be confident and believe in yourself that you can do well in the exam.

Good luck and all the best for your studies.
Student Success Strategy Tips Stories Quotes
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