July 25, 2014

How to Get Rid of Fear of Board Exam? - Experts Tips

How to Get Rid of Fear of Board Exam? - Experts Tips 1. As your Board Exams are fast approaching you mustn't waste single minute of your time. Spare most of your time on studying your academics. Study well so that you get good score which in turn helps you to get admission in reputed university or colleges. All the students have equal talent but the fear of exams disturbs their preparation and finally they get bad results in the exam. Average students are the major victims of this exam fear, keeping them in view , we have mentioned some expert tips that helps you to get rid of Board Exam.

2. Experts Tips for Board Exam:
1. Practice makes a man perfect, so practice as many times as possible to get confidence. Attempt the exams with this spirit and find better results.

2. Manage your time, divide your time into study hours, relaxation and other activities. This kind of effective time management gives you greater grip on the subject and will enhance understanding of topics. Take break after every 40 minutes to relax your brain.

3. Avoid shortcuts and work hard to achieve your dreams.

4. Never ignore any subjects, give equal importance to all the subjects to get better results.

5. Avoid wasting your time in involving in useless activities such as TV, Computer games, mobile phones as they may divert your mind. Listen to inspirational music in your free time to boost your confidence.

6. Focus on your diet and have timely food and sleep.

7. Always write your answers in a clear way, do not waste your time in writing irrelevant information.

8. Prepare good timetable, allot more time for hard/long subjects and less time for easy/short subjects. Remember that all the subjects should be completed by the end of the day. will help you.

9. Make easy notes while studying in your own language. This helps to get better understanding of the subject and also to learn things quickly.

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How to Get Rid of Fear of Board Exam? - Experts Tips
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