July 25, 2014

Memory Tips Techniques for College Students For Exams | Useful Memory Technique

Memory Tips Techniques for College Students For Exams | Useful Memory Technique  Improvement : 1. In today's world, there is huge competition in studies and students are facing lots of pressure to succeed in the exams. The course model of study has turn out to be so tough. Hence students have to practice a lot to do well in their competitive exams .  Follow our memory tips that help you to “give something to memory”.

2. Concentration: Spare your time that you usually waste in watching cricket, movies, songs, cartoons etc in studying your course curriculum.  To boost your concentration switch on your T.V.  on your favorite T.V program and put a stop clock near it. Try to concentrate on your stop clock for five minutes without deflecting your mind on T.V.

3. Reading Method: Read loudly and write it 3-5 times after learning it. It is often recommended to break the data into smaller chunks for easy remembrance. 

4. Revision Plan: Make sure that you complete your 1st revision within 24 hours and second revision after 7 days. This process of learning  increases your memory power to study anything. 

5. Spaced learning: Never study continuously for a longer time. Take breaks between your study hours and utilize this break time for refreshment.  In this way you can energize your brain and memorize the concepts easily for a longer time.

6. Mapping:  Visualization is the better way to learn anything. Before you study anything, create a picture in your mind about that particular topic to learn it. Scientists have revealed that our eye’s muscles have more memory power than ear’s memory. 

7. Acronym: collect the first words of some articles and make a group of the first letters of these words then manage this group of words like FIRE is an Acronym for filling, invoicing, reading, e-mail.

8. Reintegration: Enhance your knowledge by making connection between the things you already know and new things you have learned. 

9. Make Spider notes: Spider notes are short notes that will help you to memorize any thing easily.  Creating a diagram for a long explanation, table, List of names and use short forms for which you feel difficulty to learn.   

10. So habituate yourself to yourself to these memory tips and raise your mind power and vigor because if memory works better then you can do the best.

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Memory Tips Techniques for College Students For Exams | Useful Memory Technique
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