January 18, 2014

Kerala Current Affairs 2014 Latest News PSC PDF

Kerala Current Affairs 2014 Latest News PSC PDF : 1. As you as you hear the word Kerala, you remember coconut trees, superb environment, bamboo houses and pleasant climate. As a result of all these characteristics, Kerala is regarded as one of the most exciting destinations of India. Despite of being healthy and developed state, it has also got many attractions and news which usually be asked in majority of the competitive exams.
Kerala Current Affairs 2014

2. This is a stated which has ideal sex ratio and excellent economical backbone with ideal sex ratio. It has higher educational rate have a huge going on that assists in clearing the questions asked for the exams such as PSC.

3. Here you can find Kerala Current Affairs 2014 Latest News Updates PSC Questions
General knowledge about Kerala in 2014

1) Who is known as “Father of Tenancy Legislation in Malabar”?
(a) Willium Logan
(b) Lord Curzon
(c) Lord Rippon
(d) Tippu Sultan

A: (a)

2) In which year the Presidential rule in Kerala was enforced for the first time?
(a) 1960
(b) 1959
(c) 1962
(d) 1964

A: (b)

3) Where is located Malayam Research Centre?
(a) Tirur
(b) Thrissur
(c) Kochi
(d) Thiruvananthapuram

A: (a)

4) How many times Mahatma Ghandi visited Kerala?
(a) Two
(b) Six
(c) Five
(d) Three

A: (c)

5) Which of the following is the centre of salt satyagraha in Kerala during Civil Disobedience movement?
(a) Kannur
(b) Cherai
(c) Payyanur
(d) Waynad

A: (c)

6) Where Kerala Forest Research Institute is located?
(a) Peechi
(b) Thalassery
(c) Kottayam
(d) Sivagiri

A: (a)

7) Where did the first All Kerala Congress meet held?
(a) Kasaragod
(b) Thrissur
(c) Ottapalm
(d) Calicut

A: (c)

8) Which district of Kerala has been declared as the first district in India having ‘meaningful
financial inclusion’?
(a) Kannur
(b) Ernakulam
(c) Kollam
(d) Palakkad

A: (b)

9) Nodal agency for Global Ayurveda Village project by Kerala government is __:?
(a) AYUSH Department
(b) Kinfra
(c) KII Ltd
(d) KTDA Ltd

A: (b)

10) Who among the following played a dominant role in the famous Vaikom Satyagraha of 1924–25?
(a) T. K. Madhavan
(b) Muloor S.Padmanabha Panicker
(c) Balarama Varma
(d) K. Kelappan

A: (d)

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Kerala Current Affairs 2014 Latest News PSC PDF
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