November 18, 2013

Frequently Asked HR Questions and Answers for Freshers Tips with Smart Answers

Frequently Asked HR Questions and Answers for Freshers Tips with Smart Answers : 1. HR (Human Resource) is a most power occupation which plays a vital role in every company. Candidates must know the type of questions that will be asked in the interview and level of intelligence that will be tested during the exam.

Frequently Asked HR Questions and Answers for Freshers2. With their ignorance candidates fail to answer some questions properly in the interview. So we have provided the list of questions and answers that are prepared by team of experts from various MNCs.

3. Interview of a candidate will be based on following things
  • Confidence levels
  • Working aptitude
  • Working attitude
  • Your adoption to the company environment
  • Communication techniques
4. Self control plays a major role in judgement. As you are fresher and do not possess any experience to behave at varying situations will also be tested as a part of this.

5. Some Tips:
  • Speak with gentle voice to impress the interviewer. Behave properly and ensure that your resume doesn't have any grammatical errors that acts as a negative point. Come on time and wear proper outfit to look decent.
  • As the interviewer tests candidates knowledge about the company they have applied, you must do some research about the company and give correct answers to gain good impression.
  • Be honest and never hesitate to express your failures before the interviewer. Your frankness can also fetch you some marks in this round.
  • Never ask questions about salary as they ruin your impression before the interviewer.
  • Practice well and work hard to give proper answers to your questions
6. Some commonly wrong answered questions:
  • Tell Me About Yourself?
  • Tell in a short and clear manner about your educational back ground, family and other achievements
  • What Are Your Great Strengths?
  • Tell your strengths carefully and give examples to support your statement
  • What Are Your Great Weakness?
  • Tell your strengths in a kind of weakness that look positive with your attitude.
  • Where Do You See Yourself Five Years From Now?
  • Keep in mind that you are there to get attached to that organization; your goals must be formatted as you are going to get attached for long time with the company which you have attended the interview.
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Frequently Asked HR Questions and Answers for Freshers Tips with Smart Answers
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