November 12, 2013

Top 20 Telephone Interview Tips For Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Top 20 Telephone Interview Tips For Frequently Asked Questions & Answers : 1. In order to check the availability of applicants for the recruitment, companies are conducting telephonic interview. So candidates must do well in this test to get selected. Here you can find top 20 telephonic interview tips. With this you can crack the exam with 100% results.

Top 20 Telephone Interview Questions 2. The Interview on phone helps the employers to test the aspirant’s ability and to shortlist the candidates attending face-to-face interview. With this telephonic interview, candidates can also save their travel expenses.

3. All the candidates who have applied for jobs and going to face telephonic round must go through the below given tips and prepare accordingly to succeed in the exam.

4. Top 20 Phone Interview Tips:

  • You must begin your preparation in a similar way to your normal interview
  • Make a list of your strengths and weaknesses
  • Create a database of Telephonic interview Questions & Answers.
  • Ensure that your resume is written clearly and is placed at the desk or stick to the wall near the phone. In this way you can give answers.   
  • Note down your list of achievements.
  • Make sure that you have pen and paper before you while attending the interview
  • Avoid call interruption by  turning off the “Call-Waiting facility” in your phone
  • Do not hesitate to tell the interviewer to call after sometime, when you are busy
  • Ensure that your room is sound proof. Be out of reach of Kids, Pets and most importantly close the windows of the room.
  • It is better to give land line numbers for interviews as they do not have any signal issues. If not you can stay at a place where the signals are strong and face the interview.
  • Do not eat or smoke during the interview
  • Avoid drying of your mouth by drinking water regularly. Put a glass of water at your desk.
  • Be optimistic and answer your phone call with true smile. Impress your caller by expressing your views in a polite manner.
  • Don't be hurried, talk clearly and slowly, this helps the interviewer to get you quickly
  • Try to address your interviewer with Mr. or Mrs or with the first name or last name
  • Never break up the conversation with the interviewer.
  • Take your own time and collect your views with an ease and then answer to the questions.
  • Try to give short and informative answers. Never go in deep and make the interviewer feel bored.
  • Just imagine as if you are attending a face to face interview
  • Finally thank the interviewer and know your possibilities to meet in person.
5. We wish that all the above given tips would surely help you to do well in the exam. Concentrate well and do well in the exam.

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Top 20 Telephone Interview Tips For Frequently Asked Questions & Answers
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